Today continued our meetings as the business team. We firstly divided into our subgroups as Sponsorships, Social Media & Website and Graphic Design. Later on, we discussed our plan for the year; in addition, we discussed our methods and what we have to achieve in these first weeks of the season. The Graphic Design team started working on our t-shirts for all of our members and hoodies for the rookies. We also watched our 2019 Chairman Video and discussed what we could have done better in the video. We also watched some of our match videos from last year. It was a very productive meeting where the veterans and the new coming rookies got together and socialized. Even though we have divided into our subgroups the best thing about our team is that we do not have to stick to one specific task. Everyone can join and help each other as long as they are on time and finishing their job the way that they are supposed to do it. The mechanics team has been working on the robot for the Ankara Off Season for more than a week now and the preparations are going great. I firmly believe that everyone realized that this year is going to go very smoothly. The veterans are currently guiding the rookies but I am sure that they will get a hold of everything very soon. Our next afterschool will be next Friday and I personally cannot wait for our upcoming adventurous as the NoktaParantez 6431 team.


The practice matches were today and our team was very successful. Our team members in Quebec cheered in the arena until their lungs popped out while our team members in Istanbul cheered in front of their computers. We are very excited for the matches tomorrow.


Today is the day that our team flies to Canada. It has been an amazing journey with the NoktaParantez 6431 team. We have all enjoyed the long hours of preparation. Both the Mechanical and Business team bonded over the time that we spent in the regionals, preparations and outside of school. We connected to each other as if we were a family which caused us to win the Team Spirit Award in the Istanbul Bosphorus Regionals. I know that our team members going to Quebec will have an amazing time because it is impossible to not have fun when we are together. I am also convinced that they will represent our team in the best way possible. Good luck!


With only a few days until the Quebec City Regionals we started packing our PR boxes today. We packed our traditional Turkish gifts, delights, pins, evil eye beads and booklets that introduces our team, projects and our upcoming events. We also started our safety boxes. We had an incredible time during the preparations and we can' t wait until the plane ride to Canada.


To celebrate our win for the Team Spirit Award in the Bosphorus Regionals we ate an amazing cake that our mentors prepared for us. I am sure our team spirit will continue during our competition in Quebec.


As the third day started all of our team members were very hopeful. We all believed in our drive team that they would represent us well in the field and our team captain that she would do her best when alliance picking time came. As usual we came to the stadium around 8 am and sat to our usual seats where our cheers would give motivation to the drive team. Later on the matches started and with all our efforts we were able to be picked for the playoffs by the 8th alliance. Even though we gave everything that we had we were defeated by the 1st alliance. We later on collected our pit materials, continued to cheer for other teams and stayed strong as a unity.

When the time arrived for the award ceremony everyone was exceptionally excited and at the end we won the Team Spirit Award. The Team Spirit Award celebrates extraordinary enthusiasm and spirit through exceptional partnership and teamwork furthering the objectives of FIRST. With the effort that we put in through out these few weeks and during the competition we were able to receive this amazing award. I am so proud of our team and wish that our next competition in Quebec, Canada will be even better.

Dafne Team Spirit Video.MP4


Today was the second day of the Bosphorus Regionals. As it was my first competition experience I was very excited but also a little scared because I did not know what I was going to face. We came to the stadium around 8 am. We all sat together and that gave me comfort because I felt as if though we were a unity. The qualifications began around 9.30 am. We had 8 matches. We won 5 and lost 3 of them. When we formed alliances we always went to our alliance's area and cheered for our teams together. Our pit looked amazing through out the day. We had everything on display including our Coding Summit and PiWars brochures so that other teams could get information and attend our events. Judges came to our pit 4 times and we had great conversations about how we were not just a FRC Team but a family, our goals for the future and our events that we plan to give back to our community.

Overall, it was an amazing day with joy, excitement and lots of cheering. We shouted till our lungs hurt and never stopped believing in our team. We were 11t at the end of the day. I truly believe that we are going to do our best tomorrow as well.


Today was our last day working late for the Bosphorus Regionals. It has been an amazing experience for all the rookie members of the business team. We have been working until 9 pm for the preparations since last week. Today we packed all of our boxes, finished our Chairman's Video and painted our last PR bags. As a team and a family we are extremely excited for tomorrow. I wish all of my team members and our robot the best of luck. I believe we will do the best of our abilities and possibly get lots of awards .)


Today was the last day to work on our robot. After completing our last tasks and field experiences, we completed our robot. After these past weeks of intense work days we not only came out with an incredible robot but an emerged team that works with harmony. It was a very special experience for all of us. I congratulate the whole NoktaParantez family.


From the 16th of February until the 20th, our team organised the 2nd ISCI Summit in ASC Athens, Greece. Students from ASC, AFS Thessaloniki and our school Hisar gave various workshops such as Scratch, Arduino, Fusion, Botany, Mental Health and a lot more. Four of the twelve workshops were given by our team members and the organization achieved a great success.

Scratch Workshop
Arduino Workshop
Fusion Workshop
Python MicroBit Workshop


In our afterschool that we had this Friday, we continued our work for the Bosphorus Regionals, which is in 3 weeks. Our business team worked especially on our Chairman's video and pit items while our mechanics team continued their work on the robot which has to be finished by Tuesday, Bag and Tag day.


Today in our school Pi Wars Turkey workshops ,organised by HisarCS, started. In the first day of the training we hosted 60 competitors. The workshops were both entertaining and educational. It was a very productive day with the food made by our business team and training given by our mechanical team. There is no doubt that our workshops will continue the same way in the second day of Pi Wars Turkey.

On the other hand, our team members continued their work for Bosphorus Regional. Our business team members continued to create the materials for the pit area while the mechanical team worked on the robot.

22/01 - 1/02/2019

During the semester break our mechanical and business teams continued their hard work.


We started working with the start of the holiday. There is only a month and a half left for the Regionals and we are all very excited. While our mechanical team worked on the robot, we as the business team continued to work on setting up and doing decorations for the pit area and on Chairman's presentation, video and our business plan. We left the Idea Lab and Multimedia Room by thinking about how efficient and a fun day we had in a few hours.


Today in the Friday after school, we continued to prepare our pit materials. At the same time we continued to write our business plan and finished our hoodie designs. As usual we listened to songs and had a very enjoyable time.


With the end of our exams today, we started to work in full speed for the Regionals. First of all, as the Business team, we determined the flow of the Chairman 's video and its shooting places. At the same time, our teammates made great progress by working on the business plan. In addition to this, we started to prepare the materials to use in the Bosphorus Regionals but I will not be able to write what is here, so you will have to visit our pit :) The mechanics team worked as much as the business team and continued their work at full speed as well. They continued to work on the robot together with the team distributions they had previously determined, and re-examined the game operation. It was a very productive day for our team and I have full belief that we are going to continue this way.


Today in the Friday after-school our work continued at full speed. First of all, we made a plan for the FRC Bosphorus Regional that is going to be held in 5-7 of March. While we worked on our Chairman's video, we discussed what we could do to make our team special in the field. In addition to this, some of our team members working on sponsorships prepared e-mails, while other team members concentrated on the business plan. Additionally, we talked about the regionals that are going to be held abroad. I wish the regional season brings luck to our team!


This evening we watched the Kick - Off at the same time with the whole world. Between 18.00 and 23.00, we came together in our school. Our aim was to understand the game, produce ideas and spend a pleasant time. We talked about what we had to do in these few weeks, our goals and had a lot of fun.


Our Friday after schools are the most fun working times we have and today's after school was not different from the others. We discussed the projects that we can develop in the upcoming weeks as a team. In addition to the projects that we can develop together with foundations, we talked about the projects that we could develop within the school. Along sides these, we published our NoktaParantez #6431 website a few days ago and now are laying the foundation for our new Youtube channel.


I would like to start this blog by announcing that our name is now NoktaParantez #6431. We have come to an end of an amazing FRC season with the Citadel #6303 team. In accordance with the feedback, we received from the team members and the confirmation that we received we are going to join the competition as NoktaParantez #6431. The FRC recognized the right to protect the award’s that we submitted before. Our friends went to their first sponsorship presentation and received a great response. Salesforce and Ritmus agreed to be a sponsor for NoktaParantez #6431. With the feedback they gave us we had the chance to correct our mistakes.


As a team, we did a photoshoot during the lunch break. So I wanted to put the beautiful picture of our large family here too :)


Today was our first meeting after the holiday. First we made a case assessment and set our goals which we taught were important for us in the future. After that, a part of the team continued to research the sponsors, writing drafts and the other part continued to write drafts such on the business plan, future plan and swot. While our teammates focused on media and continued to complete the website, take photographs for the website. Our friends working on design prepared the animation awards and I can asure you the video turned out to be amazing. We then ended the day by watching some match videos as a team.


Even though the school was on midterm break, our mechanics team continued their hard work for 1 week straight.


As of this week the fall break in our school begins, but of course we are not going to stop our work. In particular, our robotic team needs to work very hard this week, because our team will start making the robot even though it's holiday starting from Monday. Our veterans gave the rookie members a challenge to build a robot that can get and give pizza so that they could get used to the mechanical parts and learn how to use the tools even better. Our team discussed the ideas for this robot; after a long conversation, it was determined how the robot would work and what kind of structure it would be.


In our after school today, we made important progress as business and robotics team. As the business team we tried finishing the blog and the Citadel #6303 website. Our sponsor team have also made significant progress by preparing drafts for our potential sponsors. While the business team continued to work hard, the robotics team did not fall behind. At the same time, a few new members joined our team today, the expansion of our family has added to the joy of all of us!


While I am writing today's blog of our first study after Off Season Istanbul, I hope that you understood how much fun we had in the previous weeks by my blog posts. As the Citadel #6303 family, we had a meeting after our Off Season Istanbul adventures. In this meeting where people from every part of the team were present, we talked about what we were wrong and right in Off-Season Istanbul and what we could do in the Regionals to improve our mistakes.

Our veterans reminded us that there was very little time until the Regionals award applications and therefore that we should immediately send applications until the end of November. In addition, the entire business team divided into two groups for sponsors. While a team continued to find ideas for sponsors, the other team began to prepare communication drafts. As a team, we did a brainstorming for our social responsibility projects.

We are very excited as the whole team for the Regionals. We hope that we will get the return of our hard work and this year we can go even further than other years. I have faith in our team spirit and work ethic. I'm sure that we'll make it ...


The last day, we entered the arena with great hope and the day started immediately. There were final matches and final elections. Between the final elections and final matches the fun began. We had so much enjoyment as a team. In the last elections, we screamed on the top of our lungs and tried to support our team the best but we unfortunately we weren’t qualified for the final matches. Still we followed the finals, supported other teams without losing our motivation. We cleaned the pit and tribune field before the award ceremony and loaded everything into our truck. After watching the award ceremony, we returned to our homes.

We did not win the awards that we wanted, it was very tiring 3 days for all of us but it was an incredible experience. We have seen the basic information about the competition and we are now ready for the next competitions. Moreover, I think we all understood importance of team spirit in this competition. Keep it up, Citadel #6303 !


With the start of the opening ceremony in the morning our excitement from yesterday began again. We had officially opened Off Season Istanbul with the opening ceremony. Ranking matches started after the trial matches. At that time, as the Business team at 9.30 we went to the Chairman's presentation. The presentation was very nice and successful. We talked about our team and we were able to answer all the questions of the judges. We had started to rank in the rankings as we competed in the ranking matches that started at that time. All day long juries and volunteers toured around the arena. We talked to them and tried to introduce our team in the most accurate way. The best thing we did during the matches was to support our team. I think our team spirit is the main thing that separates us from the other teams.. On the second day, we cleaned our pit, tribune again and left the arena, safely.


I don't know where to start today's blog. Today was the first day of Off Season Istanbul. It sounds weird when you say it. I can't tell you how much excitement and fun we had. In the morning, we rode our service bus together. It was impossible to understand the excitement and belief in the team that was in the atmosphere of the bus. When we got out of the bus, we unloaded our truck and got our robot. After taking our attendance, we entered Ülker Arena. We participated in trial matches. While part of our team was dealing with trial matches, the other part organized the pit area and established it. Other team members made changes on the robot. The members of the business team arranged the time for the Chairman's presentation. We tried to attend most of the matches and that was especially convenient for our rookie teammates to comprehend to the competition. At the end of the day, we cleaned up our pit area and left our space safe. On the service bus, we took notes by speaking on our deficiencies and left the arena looking forward to the next day.


Today we entered the Off Season Istanbul week and as a team, we submitted the drafts for the prizes. We decided to apply for three awards; Gracious Proffesionalism, Safety Animation and finally Chairman's. As the preparations for the competition continued, we went through the list of tshirts we would wear, the list on the weekend and made the necessary arrangements.


Our team had a very efficient and enjoyable day today. Everyone brought food from their house that we ate accompanied by a very enjoyable chat. During this enjoyable activity, the works of course did not stop. Particularly, our mechanical team worked very efficiently and brought the conveyor system together. They started printing the piece that is needed to immobilize the engine and confirmed that the part would be assembled on Sunday. The hands required for the cube reception system were cut, prepared and combined with the pimpams, using wood and sigma. Finally, the Katapult system used to launch the joint system, was added to the system. While the mechanical works continued, the media team took photographs, the sponsors continued to work on the presentation and our colleagues working on the design made great progress in the logo by talking to the mentor teachers. It was a fun day, we all laughed, had fun and worked. We are very excited there is so little time until Off Season Istanbul!


Today, our business team collected information about the awards and discussed which awards to apply in the Off Season Istanbul. At the same time, our sponsorship team started to communicate with the companies by continuing the research for the sponsors, our team members who work with the logo continued their designs. In the meantime, the mechanical team and the electronic-programming team continued to work full time.


With the start of the second week, our work continues at full speed. Off Season Istanbul is less than 2 weeks away, so everyone is in a little panic about how things are going to add up, but everyone also is believing in the team. Today, our mechanical team has made great progress on the robot. The parts for the cube removal, which is the purpose of the robot, were drawn in 3D. Last prints for the system has been given, tested and corrected. Alp Ertem has drawn a bearing. The bearing was tested the next day. The parts of the catapult were joined to the frame. Finally, the team decided on how the conveyor system would stand.


Today was our first weekend workday as the mechanical team and the business team continued their work. The business team veteran briefed the team members who were not in the afterschool on Friday about how to make sponsorship. While the sponsorship presentations continued to be made and talked about, the design team continued on the logo by providing great improvements. Our veteran also talked about how the Off-Season Istanbul would work and the ideas that we had for Citadel #6303 during Off Season Istanbul. Afterwards, more ideas emerged as the team got together and started discussing.


Today, our business team came a long way in their sponsorship presentations and continued their efforts to find sponsors. Our media group produced new ideas for our web site, while our friends doing the planning revised last years plan and started making the plan for this year. Our veterans gave information to us on what the awards are, which awards we should apply to and the worths of these awards. As the business team continued their hard work the mechanic team was working on full speed. Our mechanical team combined the conveyor system. At the same time they drew parts for the cube-making system and decided to give them to print tomorrow. For the Katapult they worked on the links for chasi. Finally, the electronic team started to work on pneumatic systems and worked on robot connections.


Today, our mechanical team continued to work at full speed. First of all, the programmers started working on the computer to set up the programming again while the electronic team worked on the connections needed for the robot. The mechanics team worked on the cube grabbing part for the robot which is the goal of the competition and they made the necessary 3D design for the wheels and tested them. As a result, they discussed how to bring these two phases together and ended the day with a design. In the last 4 days the team has come major way and I am sure it will go on like this throughout the year...


Today we had the third meeting of our team. Our veterans reminded us what to do and we immediately started working. As a business team, everyone took the necessary information about their categories from their veterans and started sharing their ideas with their teammates. Our friends who are interested in planning got informed about last year's business plan. Based on that plan, they decided to draw a draft to give them directions. The group working with Sponsorships which is also the group I am in, started working on sponsorship presentations. We talked about the presentations of last year and how to make this year's presentations. We wrote a list of companies that we can talk to and came up with some ideas about how to get answers from each one.

In the meantime, my friends who work with design were progressing very quickly with their logo and tshirt designs. The idea of ​​a new logo emerged and was immediately drawn to a paper and then edited in photoshop. Logo loading… Our friends who designed t-shirts with our new logo started their designs and finished 2 of them. We talked about the colors of the t-shirt, logo and agreed on a few colors. As we have very little time left, the rapid progress of this section was really useful for us.

Our veterans set specific goals for us to finish by the week. Business team; has been assigned to finalize drafts of sponsorship presentations, finishing with planning and come up with ideas for community services.

While doing these as the business team, the mechanical team decided on the engine of the robot for the first time. When deciding on the engine, they compared the engines with the Andymark motors site and looked at their durability. Then they chose an engine together and started setting up the arms of the robot. First, they decided on the arm lengths of the robot . They measured the distance between the wheels. A few of our friends came together to create a prototype arm. Our friend Can worked on 3D design. At the same time, our friends in electronic worked together on electronic connections. Today was a very productive and exhausting day, but we are confident that all these efforts will pay off in the Off-Season Istanbul.


Today our team had its first meeting and I, as a new member had the chance of joining the business team. Our veterans explained every topic to us, showing us what we could do and learn in these topics. We later on divided into three groups as Business, Mechanics, Programming-Electronic and had our very first major meeting today. Our Business veterans Başak Onbaşıoğlu and Deniz Uncu showed us the categories inside Business. They told us what they did and what they achieved last year as well as telling us what they expected from us throughout the year. Later on the business team divided into groups and started working on their categories.

In the same way, our mechanics veterans Yoel Nasi and Can Aydın explained the rules of the game and how the members of the team are supposed to form a system on their first meeting. They also gave information on what the Off Season Istanbul’ s goal was going to be, what system they were going to use and which materials they should be using in order to achieve that goal. First of all the robots design was drawn and the team decided on what system they were going to go with. During the process, the veterans gave time to the new team members for them to find their own way and come up with new, bright ideas.

Even though this is our first week there is only two weeks left till Off Season Istanbul and everybody is doing whatever they can to work their best. Our business team has started the foundations of the logo and ideas for the sponsors. Our mechanics team has finished the sculpture of the robot and the programming-electronic team is going to start their tasks as soon as possible.

One of the best sides of our team is that we do not have to focus on one task. Everybody is able to do whatever task they want as long as they are on time and finishing the job their doing. This way we have a very dynamic team spirit. From the very first meeting everybody has realized that this is going to be an amazing year. Everybody has communicated very well and is counting days until the next afterschool. I hope the rest of the year continues this way...