Even though they graduate, we are in contact with them via Skype or by mail. We get their opinion on most of the things we do. Mainly, our Alumni is majoring in Mechanics and Programming. Most of our alumni think that FIRST and FRC have taught them different things and revealed features that they did not know.

“FRC gave me a platform to convert my ideas into physical robots. FRC was not a purpose, but an excellent tool for me to get familiar with the equipment and process around me as well as how to use them. With FRC, I had the opportunity to work with all subdivision of building a robot such as electronics, mechanics, and computer science. By exploring these different aspects of robotics, I developed a passion for building robots. In fact, this passion led me to study Robotics Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. FIRST did not only improved my technical skills, but it also improved my presentation skills. Unless you can market your product well to others, your product may not be as successful as intended. -Zeynep Şeker- Worcester Polytechnic Institute- Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Engineering”

Our students who attend and host a variety of national and international projects, conferences and hackatons, have the opportunity to discover their own potential and dreams. The FRC also makes a great contribution to our students in their university life. While they continue their education in selected universities in the topic of STEAM such as MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Princeton, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, Georgia Institute of Technology, Imperial College, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, UC Berkeley, University of Illinois Northwestern, Purdue University, and University Of Worcester, they benefit from the portfolios and their experience that they created in FRC. Our graduates continue their connections with the team and support our students in different kinds of projects with their mentoring skills.

2015 - Carnegie Mellon University - Computer Science - Cem Ersöz

2016 - UBC - Mechanical Engineering - Can Özdemir

2016 - University of Pennsylvania - Mechanical Engineering - Mehmet Can Alaca

2017 - WPI - Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Engineering - Zeynep Şeker

2017 - Carnegie Mellon University - Computer Science - Mert Bozfakıoğlu

2017 - University of British Columbia - Computer Science - Yekta Ataözden

2018 - Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi - Mekatronik Mühendisliği - Emir Erdoğdu