Team Impact AND CommunIty Outreach

Team Impact and CommunIty Outreach

We, as NoktaParantez, are participating in and organizing many events. You can see the detailed description and photos below.

As a team we find it immensely important to give back to our community and help others that are in need, educate children on topics that we as a group find important and somewhat crucial to the life that they have ahead of them.

Hisar Coding Summit

For the last five years, we have been hosting our annual Hisar Coding Summit which we give various fields of programming, design, animation, robotics and technology workshops to people from all around Turkey. Last year we had over 300 participants consisting of teachers and students, and a total of 15 different workshops like Scratch & Makey Makey, Programming with Arduino, Raspberry Pi & Python, MIT App Inventor & Mobile Application, Java / Processing, 3D Design with Maya, IOS Mobile Application, Game Development with Unity, Illustrator & After Effects, 3D Design with Fusion 360, Chuck And Music Programming with Sonic Pi, Image Processing, Machine Learning, LabVIEW, Robotic Programming with LEGO EV3. The event is open for people of all ages, ranging from elementary school children to parents and teachers.

The Coding Summit contributes to the spreading of STEAM amongst elementary, middle and high school students through peer mentoring and education. This creates a strong basis for both girls and boys that want to enter the STEAM fields and sets them on a path that will lead to FLL and FRC.

Coding Summit with American Community School’ Athens

This year we organized the 2nd ISCI Summit in ASC Athens, Greece. The students from ASC, AFS Thessaloniki and Hisar School gave various workshops such as Scratch, Arduino, Fusion, Botany, Mental Health and lot more. Four of the twelve workshops were given by our students and the organization has achieved a great success.

With 4 workshops; Scratch, Arduino, Python and Fusion, we introduced 400 students to our field.

The ASC students had hosted us. We got to know a different culture and had a great time. We had the opportunity organize an inspiring organization with our peers from different cultures and geographies.

PiWars Turkey

This year, we are organizing PiWars Turkey. Usually organized at the University of Cambridge, we will be hosting the first ever PiWars competition in Turkey at our school between 22-23 March, 2019. In addition to 3D design, programming and basic electronics trainings will also be given in the event.

At the competition, participating teams will make Raspberry Pi-based robots that will compete in both remote control and autonomous missions, such as rugged track completion, labyrinth solving, and target hitting. The event will be open to all high school students for free, and support will be provided to teams unable to acquire a robot kit.

Technovation Challenge

Some of our team members joined a challenge called "Technovation" which is a competition that encourages girls to code and to entrepreneur by solving a problem in their community. They gather girls from all over the world to learn and to apply the skills needed to solve real-life problems through technology. Our team even got into the first 12 teams out of 2200 teams and have been invited to San Francisco for the finals. Their project, Tap - Tap Trees was a social innovation project that encouraged the community to plant trees, which will be published soon.


HisarCS’s very own, Nadin Tamer, attended the Swift Educator Summit in Berlin with her interdisciplinary “Code of Life” playground, which earned her a WWDC scholarship.

Robotex International Competition

Some of the students in our team have participated in the Robotex International Robotics Competition in Tallinn, Estonia. They participated in different branches of the competition such as the Entrepreneurial Challenge, Drone Race, Mini Sumo, and Line Following. Our Entrepreneurial Challenge team won second place in the competition with their project eCycle, which aims to motivate and educate their users on how to properly recycle.

Arduino Workshops

In our club hours, our Mechanics Mentor gives 10 of our team members Arduino lectures. With what the members learned in the club hours, they will prepare and give lessons to their classmates during their Computer Science lessons. The classes will consist of making a led light up, turning on a buzzer, rotating a servo, making an ultrasonic sensor that will measure a length and making a running button.

Teknofest Istanbul

Some of our team members participated in the Teknofest Istanbul Aerospace and Technology Festival held at the Istanbul Third Airport on September 20-23. We competed in five different categories: Model Aircraft, Turkish Airlines Hackathon, Robotic Conquest 1453, Take-Off Startup and Artificial Intelligence categories and represented our team.

Our team members took lessons from the valuable instructors of Istanbul Technical University for one month at the ITU Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics. They designed, calculated and constructed their own model planes under the mentorship of ITU students. Their airplane received the highest flight score out of the 15 participating teams.

Our team members competing in the hackathon won the Sabre Special Award with their app ‘Flick and Fly’. They were the only high school team to participate in the Turkish Airlines Hackathon organized under Teknofest.

Pomelo Projects

A smaller team from within HisarCS created an educational robot for elementary school kids. The robot called Pomelo equips kids with basic algorithmic skills and increases the efficiency of the classroom environment. Pomelo encourages kids to use technology as an interactive learning tool instead of a form of addictive entertainment while creating a more cooperative and social classroom environment.

After writing a research paper on Pomelo’s effects on the modern elementary school classroom environment and on the mental health of students. We submitted this paper to numerous conferences and heard back from three: “The Internet of Toys: Digitising Early Childhood International Preconference” by DigiLitEY, the “FabLearn 2019: 8th Annual Conference on Maker Education” by Columbia University and the “ACM/IEEE Human Robot Interaction Conference (HRI)” targeted towards graduate students. We have committed to HRI in South Korea on “Interactive Robotic Objects for Collaboration”. They will publish our paper in the ACM Digital Library.


One of the activities that we care about and support the team members in their participation is the Hackathons.

Hackathons, which enable team members to gain experience in entrepreneurship and application development in the digital world, offer priceless experiences in many subjects related to university life and business.

FLL & FLL Junior

FIRST Lego League (FLL), FIRST Lego League Jr. (FLLJR) and WRO (World Robot Olympiad) are some events co-organized by FIRST and Bilim Kahramanları that we take part in.

These competitions prepare our younger students for participation in FRC. This year we’ve attended to FLL “Into Orbit" in Istanbul with one team. Also we are going to attend WRO Smart Cities with 3 team at 5th of May in İzmir.

Volunteer FLL & FRC

Students from our team volunteered in the FLL tournament organized by the “Bilim Kahramanları Derneği” on February 2nd and 3rd. This tournament, which educates participants about tournaments and volunteers about organizational skills, also paves the way to spread FIRST’s messages to more children and teenagers.

We help the FIRST foundation touch and change the lives of thousands of children by aiding existing organizations in spreading science and hope.

Certain members of our team volunteered as event staff at the 2017 New York City Regional and the 2017 Houston World Championship.

1 Lego 1 Friend

A lot of students in our school once played with Lego or at least had a Lego in their house. As students grow up, they stop playing with their toys, like Legos. With this campaign, our team will be using unused legos for a better cause. Our goal is to collect as many Legos as we can and make other students have a chance to learn and play at the same time.