LearnIng Space: IdeaLab

Make, Fail, Learn, Repeat

Learning Space: ideaLab

In 2010, our work area consisting of a small room named ideaLab was created. ideaLab’s design changed from year to year and evolved into a unique learning area. We define our work area as an environment in which small ideas cultivate into greater ideas. The ideaLab, a learning and living space where we demonstrate our potential before we go to college and choose our professions, inspires us all as an area where we discover ourselves, work together, make mistakes, try again, and learn.

We create all of our FRC work in the ideaLab. The ideaLab is our home for the FRC; our FRC journey started and continues in ideaLab, where all of our discussion, planning, prototyping and building processes for the robot take place.

In the ideaLab Multimedia, we work on graphic design projects, robotics - FRC&FLL, electronics, 3D design, green screen work, entrepreneurship and innovation, application development and prototype preparation.

The strongest aspects of Hisar’ ideaLab are that all team members and mentors work together with the same enthusiasm to create a new learning environment, and that the project grows, develops and transforms along with them.

We are working on a number of interesting, garage-type and STEAM projects in the IdeaLab, including arcade games, drones, face and emotion recognition devices, sensors for IOT, RaspberryPi, Arduino, and Microbit projects.

At the same time, we host and participate in many national and international projects, conferences and hackathons on a regular basis, thus finding the opportunity to realize our own potentials and dreams. We obtain many invaluable gains such as lessons and experience during our learning processes, take responsibility for our own learning and realize that learning is a process that involves the steps of “Make, Fail, Learn and Repeat”.

The passion and motivation of us students towards learning is ensured by the development and growth of the lab every year. The ideaLab and the ideaLab Multimedia continues to evolve as a dynamic living and learning space, as illustrated by the diversifying additions of the Lab Fabrication. Our teammate's parents donated a CNC machine. One of our sponsor donated 20.000$ of FabLab tools. Our school's PTA donated a laser cutter and we plan on sharing the resources with other teams.

The CNC Device and the 75W Laser Cutter are utilized to implement our team members’ designs and prototypes within the scope of the STEAM projects: Graphic Design & Multimedia, 3D Design, Robotics and Programming fields. It is possible to cut the designs of our team members on wooden, metal or plexiglass plates with these devices, as well as to process them on metal.

The addition of the CNC Device and the 75W Laser Cutter has truly transformed our school’s ideaLab by earning it the status of a Fab Lab.