Team Members

When welcoming new members to our team, we don't search for specific qualities in students. Our team is open to all students who want to improve their knowledge on a variety of topics, learn how to work as a team, and experience every aspect of creating a new product and marketing. However, for the 2020 Season, when adding new participants to the team, participants's responses to a Google Form were considered. The form included questions about the interest in FRC, the responsibilities and the missions of a team member and the participant's experience in the previous years. The training of the team members is determined by themselves and their mentors. We believe that all of these processes are necessary to create assisting students and members who contribute to our team.

In our CS department, there are plenty of different projects, competitions and events that are being organized. If someone wants to improve theirselves in the fields of CS, STEM, entrepreneurship or design, they are always welcomed to ideaLab to participate in different activities.

Teacher Mentors

Dilara Vardar, Sedat Yalçın, Serdar Uluer, Sezin Fins


Arda Eren, Atahan Beyhan, Berkin Öz, Can Aydın, Can Borçbakan, Cem Avigidor, Ceren Tabağ, Efe Acar, Emre Koçak, Kaan Tombalak, Lal Menase, Meir Susan, Mert Şumlu, Nil Kastro, Selin Edil, Togay Şenel, Toprak Birben

BusIness & EntrepreneurshIp

Alp Arditti, Alp Maga, Dafne Sarfati, Defne Bahar, Deniz Uncu, Elif Ramazanoğulları, Emir Yıldırım, Ertuğrul Pekuysal, Leyla Zehebi, Melis Asiyo, Sarp Ademoğulları, Selin Dönmez, Serra Çelik, Zeynep Büyükyazgan, Zeynep Kırım


Ayşe Yalçın, Can Aymen, Elif Üstüner, Gülin Erdal, İdil Bozkurt, Melisa Kocasinan, Rana Esmer

In the Google Form that was sent out to every high school student, a Hand Book that contained details about FRC and NoktaParantez was also sent out. The Hand-Book is linked below:

FIRST NoktaParantez HandBook