Our team,HisarCs is located in Istanbul, Turkey. The projects that were being considered in HisarCS 2012, now have more than 30 students working on projects that consist of technologies and robotics. Students participate in international festivals, seminars and competitions. The age ranges are 13-18. In 2016, HisarCs' students passion for robotics made this project happen. Our team includes 3 mentors and 17 brilliant students. In 2017 we, as in NoktaParentez joined our first off-season. We started our FRC career with the Rookie All Star Inspiration award and the Winning Alliance and Grant Award.In 2017, we attended the New York City Regional event, where we were honored with the Rookie All-Star Award, and we qualified for the World Championships in Houston. We received the Imagery award at the Silicon Valley Regional event in 2018. In 2019, we participated in the Quebec City Regional event Bosphorus Regional and Festival de Robotique, where we were awarded the Team Spirit Award and the Entrepreneurship Award, respectively. Finally, in 2020, after completing a successful season in which we stood out with the Judges Award we won at the Bosphorus Regional event, we restructured our team from where we left off after the intervening pandemic process and entered a new season.

Turkish Off-Season 2016

Rookie Inspiration Award

Winner Alliance

Grant Award

New York City Regional 2017

Rookie All Star Award

Turkish Off-Season 2017

Finalist Alliance

Silicon Valley Regional 2018

Imagery Award

Bosphorus Regional 2019

Team Spirit Award

Quebec City Regional 2019

Entrepreneurship Award

Ankara Off-Season 2019

Industrial Safety Award

Bosphorus Regional 2020

Judges Award

New York City Regional 2017: Rookie All Star Award Announcement Video: