Goals & Tasks

Since our team has limited time to finish the robot, our main objective is to complete the required materials for the New York Tech Valley Regional, which is roughly in 10 weeks. Then comes our long term goals. Alongside all of these, our general goal is to improve ourselves and build new skills.

Our tasks and milestones for the year ahead are for now:

  • Finding enough sponsors to meet our budgetary needs
  • Building and programming the robot
  • Testing the robot
  • Keeping our website and our social media accounts up to date
  • Launching our blog
  • Preparing and executing our Fundraising Plan
  • Preparing for special awards such as Entrepreneurship Award
  • Creating t-shirts and sweatshirts that represent the team spirit
  • Preparing and printing out necessary files, title and platinum sponsors brochures, banners, posters and such
  • Organizing events such as Hisar Coding Summit and other events, workshops and fairs alike
  • Participating in upcoming workshops, fairs, and contests that draw our attention
  • To increase the number of sponsors while sustaining the current sponsors to have better finance capability
  • To set up and operate the system for better NoktaParantez member training and career planning