Our Robots

Firstly, we’ve designed a prototype on Fusion 360 to get the precise measures of the robot we are making. We’ve cooperated with all of our team members and gathered ideas from each to form the most strategic robot.

We've put ourselves in the places of the participants of FRC and thought about all the obstacles we might face. We had to make a lot of sacrifices of our time to make the perfect functioning robot. We divided our team members into groups, certain people were responsible of the mechanics, electronic and coding. But because we value peer learning, these groups didn’t quite matter and everyone ended up participating in all sections of the robot.

We had to rebuild the robot many times because we experienced errors throughout the process.

As Vineet Raj Kapoor says, “If the problem affects you. You must solve it. Complaining is not Productive”.

As a team, we were never afraid to face obstacles; instead, we learned from them and tried to find a solution every time we face an issue.

This developed our experimental thinking skills as a team and as an individual.

NY Regional & Houston Championship 2017

Istanbul Off Season 2018

Bosphorus Regional 2019

İstanbul Regional 2022