Future Plans

Our main plan for the future, besides improving ourselves and furthering our accomplishments as a team, is to impart this accumulation of information we hold, onto the disadvantaged so that we can close this regrettable gap between the financial groups and between the genders (which is unfortunately highly palpable in our country).

We plan to accomplish this by doing several things, many of which we have already started. One of these things is to launch and mentor Jr. FLL, FLL and FRC teams in our community. Our specific aim for now is 2 Jr. FLL, 3 FLL, and 1 FRC teams. In fact, we have launched and are currently mentoring 2 Jr. FLL and 2 FLL teams.

Another goal we currently hold is to launch robotic labs in the nearest two public schools in our community. In these labs, NoktaParantez members will give robotics related lectures to students who choose to participate. We wish to prepare the course details with the help of our middle school teachers in Hisar School.

It will be administered by the said group of NoktaParantez members and will regulate free classes and workshops for the public, and seminars to attract attention to these classes and raise awareness of STEAM and entrepreneurship, gender and financial gaps and discriminatory behavior in these fields and FIRST spirit and values amongst our community.